About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog!  Feel free to peruse around!

My name is Warren Wigh, and I am 26 years old.  In June 2013 I graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a Bachelors of Architecture.  Upon graduating I was hired on full time with a company called Jacobs, which is an international company specializing in engineering, architecture, and construction management.  (They also specialize in petrochemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals, technology, environmental health, anyway, the list goes on)  I have worked for Jacobs for over four years now, starting as an intern in 2012.

I started interning with Jacobs while I was in school, initially just as a summer internship.  I quickly realized that this was the kind of company I wanted to work for, and I pressed to be extended through the school year.  I worked during my 5th year of college (Architecture is a 5 year program) and worked while I was completing my thesis.  On average I was working 20-30 hours a week.  This was helpful in terms of money, but I wouldn’t do it again- it was far too stressful.

While I graduated with my degree in Architecture, I am currently pursuing construction management as a career.  I feel that it suits me better, and I enjoy the unique challenges it brings.  Plus, this way I can tell Architects what to do. 😛

In early 2014 I moved to South Korea “temporarily” I’m still here and probably will be for awhile longer, doing construction management for the company I work for.  I live the expat life, and while I love Korea and what it has to offer I still always feel like I’m the outsider.

In December I made a pact with a friend to travel to one country per month for a year – follow this blog for those adventures!

Over the past two years, and the past 9 months especially, I have put a lot of thought into what my life means and what I’m trying to do with it.  In my search I have come to realize that material things fall away and that life experiences are what stay with you forever.  I am actively trying to create as many special memories as possible in as many places as possible, as I meet people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and learn about life in different countries.

In terms of my personal life, I have one brother and one sister, both older than me.


I also have parents.


That’s about it!


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