Wiesbaden, Germany: November 2016

The day after I arrived back in Korea from Austin my boss told me I might need to go to Germany with him, and the day after we booked tickets for that Sunday.  We have a client in Wiesbaden that we needed to meet with, so I flew over Sunday and landed back in Korea on Friday – I would have stayed longer but I had already booked a trip to Tokyo for that following weekend so I had to get back in time for that.

i was lucky enough to get on the last B747-800 flight that Lufthansa flies from Seoul to Frankfurt – after this they fly the 747-400, I guess not too many people go to Germany in the winter so they switch to a plane with less capacity.

Since the flight was over 10 hours I was able to book premium economy, and the guy on the menu looked so happy to be sitting there but after about 5 hours in that seat I could not fathom why he was so happy.

I will say that the food wasn’t half bad though.

We chased the sun the entire flight, so I got to watch the sun set for 8 of the 11 hours we were flying.

Getting off the train in Wiesbaden

Hotel room in a quaint hotel

And of course, the first stop in Germany has to be for a beer.  This particular establishment sells beer made by the monastery monks.

Every morning for breakfast we went to this cafe/bread shop.  Germany is known for their AMAZING bread, and this place was no exception.

We stayed in the downtown area of Wiesbaden,  There were tons of shops and restaurants in the area and it was really really walkable – definitely an enjoyable area to stay in.

We found a place that was selling 6 different types of schnitzel that day, so we stopped in and tried some.  It’s basically just like pork cutlet but kinda better and not drowned in a bunch of sweet sauce.  Mine had mushrooms.

View from my hotel room

The sun didn’t rise until 7AM, and that was AFTER daylight savings time.

There was a fast food place across from the office which wasn’t too bad, definitely better and more fresh than any fast food joint in the US.

No seats either, standing only!  It keeps people from loitering.

My burger was sorta… weird though, but I think it was like an onion/pickle combination in there that I’m not used to.

I loved walking around town at night, it’s just so beautiful and old and clean and sort of awe inspiring coming from a country where everything is relatively new.

This is literally a casino.

I found a very nice restaurant for dinner, it apparently has received a Michelin star for the past 10 years or so, but was relatively reasonably priced so we decided to try it out.

This was the starter soup.

Appetizer thingys.


So this was absolutely fascinating – this is foie gras that has been chilled then grated.  On the bottom there are several jams and nuts which compliment the foie gras nicely.  It was delicious.  And really weird at the same time.  But really good!!

It took an hour to cook, but we ordered a duck to share, carved tableside.

This was all probably the highlight of my trip, and tasted amazing.  I don’t usually get this kind of quality food in Korea, so it was very very nice to experience again.

Every day for lunch we would walk to a local restaurant, and some of the walks were just so scenic…

As an aside, against my better judgement I got talked into growing a beard… Still needs some work…

The downtown area of Wiesbaden has a whole row of Italian restaurants, so we checked one out and had handmade pasta.

There are numerous churches in Wiesbaden as well.

The last day we were there we had two morning appointments, then my boss went to the airport to travel down to Naples and my flight wasn’t until later in the day, so I stopped at a well reviewed burger place and walked around town a bit.  Burger quality?  Excellent.

But of course everything comes to an end at some point, so I eventually left for the airport and hung out in the gigantic Lufthansa lounge until it was time to board.

I also finally got around to buying a goPro so I can take pictures/video, and it works great for selfies I guess

I also took a shower in the lounge…

All in all it was a quick trip and I didn’t get to see anything outside of Wiesbaden due to time constraints, but overall it was quite an enjoyable time!


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