Phuket, Thailand: July 2016

Off to Thailand!

I was definitely excited to visit Thailand as I had never been there before and had been wanting to go for some time.  Having my parents along for the ride just added to the fun!

Of course heading to the airport was super simple in Hong Kong, and it makes me jealous that Korea’s airport is so far away from everything that it takes forever to get to.  We arrived with plenty of time before boarding.

We had a midday flight which was nice because it allows you to land, head to your hotel, and still have time left in the day to lounge around the pool or go visit some local attraction, etc.  I think I can speak for us all when I say it was a great choice of hotel!

My friend John arrived that night, as he had never been to Thailand either and it was 4th of July weekend, so the next day we headed for the nearest beach, Kamala.  This is a quieter beach that is meant more for families and local resort goers, with great sand and awesome water.

We also rented boogie boards and rode the surf for a bit.  It was very hot outside and pretty humid, so we decided after a few hours to head back to the hotel and make use of their pool.

We found an awesome restaurant for dinner which had a more modern take on Thai food, with a great view off of the balcony right as the sun set.

The following morning we tried to book some tours but our hotel informed us everything had to be booked a day in advance – as such, we didn’t have any idea what to do the next day because we couldn’t book anything.  As such we decided to check out Phuket Town, specifically the Old Town portion of it.

Found some Pad Thai and we were not disappointed!

We split off and John and I went to a different beach, Kata beach, and my parents went back to their hotel.  One half of Kata beach is pretty touristy, with things to do, bars to go to, etc. while the southern part of Kata beach is mostly for a row of hotels and is much quieter.  However what made this beach different from the other one is that the surf was AWESOME and it was a lot more gradual, so you could really do some cool body surfing.  The only problem was there was a pretty significant riptide so you’d get swept away if you went out far enough to where you couldn’t touch the bottom anymore.  There were also a lot of Europeans and Aussies there, while the other beach had more Asians LOL

The next day was what we had all been waiting for, a tour of Phi Phi island!  We also hit another island as well, but Phi Phi was the main attraction.  It’s about a 45 minute boat ride out to the islands by speedboat.  First we went into a cove with a stunning display of blue/green clear water, then we were able to snorkel a bit at a coral reef (that had been pretty much destroyed by tourists), then grabbed lunch and headed to a beach and eventually headed back.

We realized by the time we got to our hotel that we had gotten a bit too much sun… I already wasn’t feeling well and the others quickly succumbed to the same.  John and I had been planning another island tour for the next day, which we canceled and signed up for a cooking class that my mom was already doing.  This was a good choice.  I was able to function enough to take a picture of that evenings sunset, however.

The cooking class ended up being a total hit.  The team teaching us was GREAT!  Plus I learned so much about Thai cooking… A lot of it is quite quick and easy to cook, but it just takes a bit of prep work.  Other dishes are just stupidly simple, while the entire time we thought it was super hard!  The class has two portions, one in classroom portion where they show you how and one hands on portion where you cook it yourself.  They also took us around a local market beforehand to show us exactly what we would be cooking.

The view was amazing right outside of the cooking school.

The cooking lesson had a really nice mirror where you could see what they were doing, birds eye view.

Cooking station.

First course, soup.


Some weird salad thing

Yummy curry

Kinda gross looking banana dessert thingy

Anyway after that it was just so hot we went back to the hotel to cool off.  Our flight was that night, so we relaxed at the hotel until it was time to take off.  I guess most flights in SE Asia leave at night so this was a brutal 1:30AM flight out, arrived at 9:30AM… I think we would have definitely preferred a different flight hahaha

From Thailand we flew to Korea so my parents could experience some KIMCHI!

Stay tuned.


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