Donghae, South Korea: May 2016

Last weekend I went with some friends to Donghae.  Donghae is a coastal city on the East coast of Korea.  There are trains that go that direction but it takes forever, so instead we drove!

This was my first road trip in Korea and I will definitely say I’ll do it again – next time I’ll be checking traffic beforehand though.

The trip is about 3 to 3.5 hours, and is about 288 kilometers from Pyeongtaek.  So of course after a long drive, the first thing one must do is… THE BEACH!

What was nice about the beach was that the temperature was perfect, there were no crazy waves (actually there were no waves at all) and practically nobody was there!  It was a great chance to just sit on the beach, throw sand around, and watch the sun start to go down.

We stayed in Donghae city, and there are a number of quaint hotels there.  I mean there’s no Marriott or anything but in my opinion these hotels are better because they provide EVERYTHING for you for free!  You practically don’t even need to bring a bag.  Well, bring one for clothes at least.

For dinner that night, we simply just asked our taxi driver where a good spot for dinner was.  There’s a place that they call “sushi street” which has a bunch of sushi but not the sushi you think.. More like sashimi.  And more Korean.  Basically these places take freshly caught fish, kill them lightly then flay them out on a plate of chilled rice noodle.  You have a ton of sides to choose from as well.

The next day we decided to do a bit of hiking.  There is a famous area that we went to that has many trails that go through these mountains, with a river that flows alongside as well.

There was also a temple nestled in the hills that was beautiful to walk through.

We also tried to hike to a waterfall, but it was a long hike, I was wearing flip flops, and we were running low on time so we didn’t make it.

Our last stop before we headed home was another beach.  The air was so clear, water so nice, and weather was the perfect temp… Couldn’t have asked for more.

Alas…. Time to go home!

But first you always have to stop for food…


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