Gapyeong, South Korea: May 2016

A few weeks ago I traveled out to Gapyeong, which is about an hour train ride east of Seoul.  So from my apartment it’s about two hours, one hour to Seoul and one hour east to Gapyeong.  There is a major city out there, Chuncheon, which is known for their dakgalbi, which is basically a type of chicken dish with cabbage and rice cakes.

Anywho after barely making the train with seconds to spare, I met up with some friends to go to the Gangchon Rail Park, which is a couple kilometer long rail line where you can ride on a pedal cart.  They have two seater carts and 4 seater carts, we rode on the 4 seater one.  I’d say about 150 people ride it at a time, and you go either as slow or as fast as the people around you are going.  They have tunnels you can go through and some even have theme music, and you are also traveling through some really beautiful scenery.

We caught the last ride of the day, so we sort of got a sunset but the sun had more or less set as we were getting started, so really it was only twilight.  Even still it was perfectly fine because it meant the temperature was cooler, which makes a difference if you’re peddling!

The next day we checked out the main attraction of Gapyeong, Nami Island.  This is an island in the middle of the river that runs through Gapyeong that you can take a ferry to and explore around the island.  There is even a hotel there, although it’s pretty small.  The island has different things you can do, like boating, paddle boating, concerts, food, gardens, etc.

Nami Island is known for it’s tree lined walkways, and it’s very calming to just walk through the trees or sit in the park and just relax.


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