Seoul, South Korea – Baseball: April 2016

Two weeks ago I went to a baseball game with some friends.  A friend’s mom was visiting, so what better way to experience Korea than a baseball game?

To start with, a big part of Korean baseball games is the food.  There are countless food vendors outside with prepacked food that you can buy and take into the stadium with you.  There are also numerous vendors inside of the stadium as well.  So you buy way more food than you can ever eat and then you head inside!

The stadium is smaller than stadiums in the U.S. – I’d say it’s only slightly larger than a minor league stadium.  Tickets are super cheap, with crappy seats at 4,000W and pretty decent seats being 14,000 and seats in front of the cheerleaders are 30,000W.

The amazing part of all of this though is the team spirit and cheering that takes place. There are many “team songs” and everyone has them all memorized!  It’s amazing!  The first cheer starts before the game begins and everyone cheers constantly until well past the end of the game!  That’s what makes the games truly special.  Everyone is so excited and the amount of team spirit is almost inspirational!  It doesn’t seem to really help the players though, because I bet they would all lose in the minor leagues in the states…

Our newfound team is the Doosan Bears, and they played the Samsung Lions and won 6-2.  In Korea, it’s not cities that have their own teams but companies – so Samsung for example has professional baseball players on their payroll.

If you have a chance to go to one of these games, do it!


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