California: March 2016

Thursday rolled around and I had just bought a few gifts for my nephew and sent them to my sister via Amazon.  As I was sitting there thinking, I thought to myself, it’s my nephew’s first birthday and my mom’s birthday both in the same weekend, why not fly home?  So I booked a ticket for the following day and flew home for the weekend.  The next day, I flew over.  I also hadn’t told anybody because it was sort of last minute (haha) so once I landed in San Francisco I called my dad as I waited for my connecting flight so I could ask him to pick me up from the airport.  He was surprised, so I landed and he picked me up.  My sister lives not too far from the airport, so we drove over to her house.  She had planned a pretty big party for my nephew’s first birthday, so I wanted to make sure she knew I was there.  Her front door was open so I just walked in and over to where she was coming out of the nursery, and she looks up, sees me, stares for a second, then does a double take, then freaked out.  It was the best possible outcome in my opinion!

Friday, the day I landed, was also my mom’s birthday so the three of us went out to dinner to celebrate.  My mom was also surprised by my appearance, but due to traffic and stuff it didn’t quite work out the way I would have hoped – I was going to stop by her school to say hi, but she left as we were still driving over there only to have her realize something was up when my car wasn’t in the garage.  Thankfully she didn’t have too long to wonder and I walked in the door not long after.

Saturday was my nephew’s birthday party.  My aunt and uncle came over from the coast, and my other aunt and uncle were there as well.  My sister had a bunch of her friends come too, as well as misc. family members so it was good to see everyone and watch the birthday boy smash his face with cake.

Also, this is what it looks like when my brother in law and I face swap on snap chat.

Most of the weekend was spent just spending time with family.  There’s not much better than sitting around on the couch talking with each other.  I’m glad I was able to come out and visit.

I got the chance to drive around a little bit in the foothills when it had stopped raining for like 5 minutes.  It rained for literally two straight days when it NEVER rains so… I guess I brought the rain with me 😛

Oh as a side note, check this out – I just now noticed how saggy the wings are on the 747… But then when I landed noticed they weren’t saggy.  The reason?  There wasn’t any fuel in the wings any more 😛


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