Christmas 2015

Of course I flew home for Thanksgiving as well, but that was quite the whirlwind trip in itself.  I flew in Wednesday afternoon and left Sunday morning – just long enough to get some Thanksgiving turkey!  I was able to spend time with my family and nephew, which made for a great trip.  I flew through Narita for the sushi again as well.  I also interviewed a potential candidate for our program here in Korea so I left a day early and stayed in San Francisco and met up with an old friend from college and ate steak at Harris’.  Amazing.

Still on the topic of Thanksgiving, I drove my car down to SoCal and installed some parts with some friends while I was there.

And I dropped my car off to get painted.

Over Christmas, I flew into SoCal to pick up my now painted car and drive it home on Christmas Eve.  Funny story, what started as a normal flight ended up being not so normal.  First off, my friend Maria was on the same flight so we orchestrated sitting next to each other.  Then our flight was delayed.  Then when we landed there were thousands of people going through immigration which made me miss my connection and wait at the airport for another 3 hours, when I had planned a bunch of stuff for that afternoon.  Oh well.  Not all travel can be perfect.

Anyway my friends usually have a car meet on Tuesdays, but just this once switched it to Wednesday so I could make it.

My favorite part about Christmas was hanging out with friends from high school, family, and my new nephew!

And of course, it ended up that my boss and I were on the same flight back to Korea, and he fell asleep before we even took off.


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