Homecoming III

Beware- lots of photos.

It was a long time in the making, I remember signing up in 2013 and paying 9 months in advance.  Every 5 years a guy puts on a “Homecoming meet” at Honda’s Headquarters.  Many, many S2000’s show up (It’s an s2000 event) and it’s a pretty big ordeal.  I made my way out to Homecoming, held at Honda’s Corporate Headquarters in Torrance. After reading about Homecoming II several years ago, I knew I really wanted to go to one if there ever was one, so I’m glad I had my chance.

Some guys from China beat me on distance traveled, but technically I beat them because I flew from London via Seoul…. Anyway getting there was a mess because the airline I was flying had a pilot strike so I ended up on two Asiana 777 flights. I finally made it though, albiet a lot later than expected!

So I got home, slept, then headed out the next morning for the Homecoming hotel!

Homecoming tickets.


Next was Homecoming prep at King Mugen’s house – I had a lot of dust on my car so I got it cleaned off. Mr. Spoon put on some +5hp stickers.

Time for Homecoming!

Thanks to jetlag I woke up well before my alarm. The hotel was pretty cool by sectioning off the top floor of the parking structure and giving everyone rooms overlooking the cars.

Everyone met at 5:45 at a local shopping center to check in and get ready for the caravan to Honda.

The meetup and caravan went extremely well. Moving 250 cars in unison in Southern California is no easy task, but our NSX leaders did a wonderful job with the caravan.

Honda Headquarters. Photo courtesy of Nick Hur!

Once inside the gates, we all parked by color.

Definitely how I would do a CR if I had one… Bronze CE28’s, AP BBK, and suspension. Then drive. Definitely one of my favorites.

Homecoming started with all the show cars rolling through and a speech by BC, the event coordinator.

Chris Lum rolling through as a show car

Areen’s Spoon build displaying at GoTuning’s booth

NSX leader of all the silver s2000’s

Opening ceremonies

Homecoming had some really awesome vendors, as well as vendor cars and show cars that were all really well executed. Shout out to Evasive, Gotuning, SOS, and the show cars for such clean builds!

Jared, killing the game like usual.

Ridgelines with water + ice was an AWESOME idea!!

Homecoming III – Honda Secret Museum

The highlight of the entire day had to be Honda’s Secret Museum. We were only given about 15 minutes inside, but I was happy for any time at all. Seriously awesome place.

If you ever get a chance to go to the museum, DO IT! It is well worth it!


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