London 2015 – Wandering Around

It was awesome how great the weather in London was.  By great, I mean overcast practically the entire time.  I definitely do not mind overcast, but it makes for really crappy photos.

I decided to head out East and see what was out there.  I got off on the wrong stop by mistake and ended up in the financial district.

So I headed towards the river.

You always think of this bridge when you hear the song “London Bridge is falling down” or at least I did – this isn’t London Bridge though.  It’s Tower Bridge… Although the old London Bridge sort of looked like that, anyway.

A lot of restaurants in London don’t have any sense of table service… At all.  You order everything at the bar and you give them a table number.  It’s really annoying, at least to me.  Why can’t they just serve my table?  It’s almost impossible to sit anywhere if it’s busy either, because if you get up to order something someone else can jack your table.  That happened to me a couple of times.  Really, really annoying.  Well this place along the Thames was no different and wasn’t that pleasant, because I asked for more water and the guy told me to go order it at the bar… But I didn’t really want to get up.

Fairly mediocre.

No past architecture student can pass up the opportunity to go to the Tate Modern… It’s sort of a requirement right?

It’s been sort of contested, but the Tate is expanding and they have some wonky expansion going on in the rear.  The Tate is an old factory and they’re adding onto the rear of it.

I decided to venture further south a bit, and went to the maritime museum in Greenwich.  It’s actually not that far, but you just have to take a different kind of train but you can still use your Oyster card.

I was fairly underwhelmed if I’m honest.  I think I missed a couple exhibits because it seemed pretty… Sparse.  But they only had signage for the one building and I couldn’t figure out how to get in the others… Oh well!  Fun trip.

Greenwich station!

I headed back to Paddington and was trying to go to a pub but every time I got a table number and stood in line someone took my table… I ended up leaving pretty bummed and so I tried another place and it was the SAME THING.  So I ended up eating at my hotel and was really glad I did.  Two nights previous I ate at an Indian restaurant thinking that hey it’s London, the Indian food has to be killer right?? Well not at the establishment I went to.  I was pretty underwhelmed.  But my hotel has a restaurant that is run by an indian dude, and guess what… Part of the menu includes indian food!  So I tried his biriyani and it was phenomenal.

While I’m on the topic of food…

I found a pretty cool Italian restaurant that had a super chill waiter.  The food was awesome too, but sometimes you eat somewhere because the ambiance doesn’t suck.  I guess that was the case with this place.  He talked me into dessert and it was really good, it was some… Chocolate thing.




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