London 2015 – Working My Way Around

I decided to head to the War Museum, which was heavily centered around WWI and made mention of all the other wars that Britain fought… And it’s interesting how they just sort of gloss over the fact that Britain owned a bunch of colonies and had a reputation of brutalizing any of them that didn’t want to go along with it.

There was a section that was more current events, and they had this on display.  This is a window frame from the World Trade Center.  Sobering.


They also had a Holocaust section, which was well done, although I took no pictures of it.  Probably for the best I think.

The Museum is in more of a residential area, and is south of the Thames.  I walked around the area for awhile, looking at houses and stuff.

I found this random pub that was actually really good!  I guess I shouldn’t say actually, I mean it’s not like I’m that surprised.

Finally… A normal Tube station.

Not meaning to jump around, but this was the street that my hotel was on.  A drastic departure from Korea, or even Southern California!

Later on I met up with a guy whom I didn’t know, but a mutual friend knew who has an S2000 so he picked me up down by the Thames and drove me around London and out into the industrial area.  It’s awesome the kind of people you can meet who share the same passion as you.  I would have never met him otherwise, and it was quite an experience to drive around, RHD, and see everything from a car rather than by walking!

He picked me up at a subway station along the Thames.

It was definitely an awesome experience!  After about 40 minutes or so we were way out into the boonies and he dropped me off at a random subway stop.  His parents live in that area and he was visiting them for dinner, so I had no problems taking the subway back.

Awhile into my journey I checked my route and I still had 40 minutes left… I had already been on for 15 minutes!  :O  Fun fun fun experience though.

I’m not catholic, but I wanted to see what St. Pauls was like so I went to Sunday Mass.  Well one of them, anyway.

They don’t allow photos so I snuck a photo of the rotunda.

I found a quaint little pub which has been known for it’s amazing interiors, which I’m not sure if I took a picture of or not…

And I had… Fish and chips 😀

I ordered dessert.  As they say, When in Rome, right?

The only thing I planned before I arrived was to see the Lion King.  So from Blackfriars I walked to the theater.  It was a longer walk than I expected!  But since every tap on the Tube turnstile is 2.3£, I’d rather walk than take the tube… Talk about a ripoff.

The Lion King was definitely one of the best experiences of 2015 for me.  Broadway performance, and they really have it all figured out.  They’ve been doing this show since… 1999?  So for a really long time!  It was the best two hours I’ve had in a really long time.  Highly recommended!

Afterwards I walked towards Oxford Circus and uh… Huge crowds.  I walked through some famous area I think.



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