London 2015 – Walking Around

I really didn’t know what to expect in London.  At first I felt everything was pretty cheap but now that I’ve looked at my credit card bill I had a heart attack.  I had a few people tell me the food in London wasn’t that great at all, but I disagree.  Either it’s the fact that I’ve gotten used to sub-par food in Korea, or that I don’t have finicky taste buds but I thought the food was pretty good!  And before you think that I’m saying food in Korea sucks, I’m not saying that.  What I am saying is that any non-Korean food in Korea, sucks.

The hotel I stayed at had a continental breakfast every morning which I took full advantage of.

Next on the agenda on my first day there was to find a prepaid SIM card.  I wanted to be able to use my phone any time without having to search for WiFi.  It’s partially because I’m technology dependent, but also so I could use Yelp and Google when I was looking for places to go.  So I got a prepaid SIM that had a lot more than I needed but I really only wanted the data… But you can’t really get just data, so I got a ton of minutes and unlimited texts which I literally didn’t even use.  Well I used some minutes at the airport.  Actually no I used a phone app for that… Anyway!  I got a prepaid SIM card for 15£ which ended up being 23-24 bucks or something.  Lame.

I took a walk over to Hyde Park, which is adjacent to Paddington and just walked around.  Kensington Palace is there as well.  Nice park, and a ton of people use it to do this weird thing that they call “exercise.”

Kensington Palace.  Didn’t go inside.

You eventually end up next to some theater.  Or should I say, theatre.

Turn around, and there’s some statue.

Go down the street and see some college.

Continue walking and you end up in Kensington, where I ate some duck thing at a restaurant inside of the High Street Kensington Underground station.  (It was pretty good)

I’m starting to wonder if this is getting to be too much detail… But in reality it’s not that much detail because overall I only took about 300 pictures in 6 days.  I guess that’s a lot, but I definitely wasn’t snapping pics of every infinitesimal detail I saw.

Anyway so after an entire morning of walking, which when you’re used to a sedentary lifestyle is a big deal, I decided to try out the Underground.  First step is to buy a ticket right?  Well an Oyster card.  First, chip and signature cards do not work at automated kiosks.  Pretty lame.  So I luckily found a money exchange place down the street where I exchanged $200 and got 120£ in return… It was at this moment that I realized that the exchange rate was not in my favor.  I went back, bought the Oyster card with 10£ on it, and got on the train only to find out I picked one of the only above ground stations in zone 1. (London is made up of fare zones, zone 1 being central London)

I got off and walked towards Buckingham Palace and passed through the garden that’s there, and when I looked off to the side I thought to myself, “there’s another Ferris Wheel thing in London besides the Eye?”  Well apparently things are closer than I thought, and that is the eye… Oops.

The road that led to the palace was… Long.  Very pretty though.

As exciting as the palace was, I decided to head towards the Eye since it “seemed” close (in reality it is close, but it’s still a long walk) and walked through the horse parade ground building.

And first view of Big Ben… Which is really only the clock, the tower is Stephens Tower.  I think.  There was a pub named Stephens Tavern or something so I kind of deduced that…

As you can tell… Beautiful weather in London!

And, the famous Eye.  I guess I would have gone on a ride but it was so crowded around in there that I just couldn’t bring myself to deal with the crowds.

Down the street was the National Gallery.

After that my feet hurt pretty bad so I went back to my hotel to rest my feet, then accidentally fell asleep and woke up at 8:30… So I jumped on the “Tube” and went to this pub that my sister recommended (but she didn’t even go there…. 😛 ) all the way back at where I had come from.

And I got fish and chips.

And I was tired so I went back to the hotel and watched Fast and the Furious on the TV.


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