London 2015 – Getting There

It has been a long, long time since I posted!

I think it’s really easy to lose track of time, get busy, or just out of sheer laziness drop things from our to-do list.  For me, it was this blog.  Part of the reason is my summer life was not only quite boring, but it was too hot to do anything and therefore, nothing to write about!

The next few entries are about my recent travels and will take a step away from Korea for a bit.

Right now I’m in the process of debating whether or not I will stay another year here.  Some recent events transpired in my work situation that make staying an option.  I do want to go home, for both family and friends, but part of me is thinking “another year won’t hurt…. Right?”  Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

I had a few things happen in my personal life that left me pretty upset, confused, and overall just really emotional.  I was also getting really upset with my current situation here in Korea, so in about 30 seconds I decided that I needed to just get out and go somewhere.  I wasn’t sure where.  I thought I wanted to go somewhere where people spoke English and was NOT the U.S., so I thought to myself London.  I had a trip to the states coming up so I piggybacked a trip to the UK with my trip to the U.S.  I looked at prices, then bought a ticket.  The whole process from thinking I should go somewhere to buying the ticket was about… 10 minutes.  So less than 2 weeks later I headed to the airport!

I wanted it to be a time where I could try and find myself.  After mentioning to a coworker that I was traveling alone, they said “oh is this your Eat Pray Love trip?” And I was like, huh?  Never seen the movie.  Apparently there’s a book too…. Definitely haven’t read it.  Anyway after quickly googling it, it’s about some girl who goes on a trip to find herself and eats in London, prays in Paris, and loves in Italy.  Or something like that.  She definitely did it wrong because the food is better in Paris plus they’re kind of heathens, so you would think she would have prayed in London and eaten in Paris… You can love in Italy I guess.  Anyway my trip was nothing like that… It’s like I went on my Eat Pray Love trip but all I did was stuff my face with food.  In fact I didn’t even meet anyone, the only people I talked to were people I bought stuff from.  Pretty depressing.

Anyway, I headed to the airport and hopped on a plane.  The lady at the desk offered me an upgrade for 200 Euros so I jumped on it.

Haven’t flown one of these yet… Time to give it a try!

One of the most pleasant experiences of my life.  It was definitely a wonderful way to start my trip.  I sat upstairs, they had exterior cameras on the plane which was awesome, the food was great, the seat was reasonably comfortable, and the flight attendant was super friendly, much more so than United…

I stopped in Frankfurt and had the most polite security screening of my life, but definitely the most invasive, privacy violating experience of my life.  It took forever and they are so thorough it’s disturbing.  And they touched nearly everything I owned… At least they did it to everyone and not just me.

My connecting flight was pleasant enough.  Dropping into London!

Upon landing it was through immigration, where the line was long and the officers worse than in the states… Seriously a billion questions and they look you up and down and it’s weird.

I jumped on the Heathrow Express, which is 15 minutes to Paddington, and got off and walked to my hotel.

And then I fell asleep because it was 11pm.  I landed with absolutely nothing planned… But that’s part of the adventure right?


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