Last year when I first arrived in Korea I was amazed by the cherry blossoms.  I never actively went and looked at them because I was new to Korea and trying to get my things in order, so I felt this year I needed to at least go looking.

See, I should have put a bit more effort into looking for a good place to go.  Maybe next weekend I’ll head south, but I was thinking that Namsan would have plenty at the top of the mountain but it didn’t have much shrubbery to write home about.

Every time I have gone I have taken the cable car but from what I read there is another way to get up there- walk.  So I walked the hill.  And walked down it again.  Along with the entire population of this country.

There weren’t as many cherry blossoms as I would have liked up top, but the road leading to it is lined with them!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Excuse the amateur photography.

IMG_3669 (1) IMG_3703 (1) IMG_3698 (1) IMG_3681 (1) IMG_3680 (1) IMG_3671 (1)IMG_3709 (1) IMG_3711 (1) IMG_3714 (1) IMG_3729 (1) IMG_3731 (1)IMG_3743 (1) IMG_3750 (1) IMG_3751 (1) IMG_3763 (1)IMG_3734 (1) IMG_3768 (1) IMG_3779 (1)Thanks for looking!



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