Christmas was spent at my parents house.  Like last year, this year I bought all gifts online and shipped them to my parents place and spent Christmas Eve wrapping presents.  I quickly learned that next year, I will NOT lump everything into larger orders and instead buy based on who I’m buying for, check out, then create another shipment.  Amazon doesn’t put bill of ladings in their boxes during Christmas so you can get away without even opening the box!  It’s perfect!  So I had to open the boxes and about halfway through I simply just gave up on wrapping and just taped the boxes… It was really tedious.

IMG_4494 (1)

I also tried to get away with using only a single piece of tape.  It… sort of worked.

But wait, let’s back up.  First, I got this wonderful watch from my girlfriend, it’s a smartwatch so I can be even more connected to the internet.  Any time you get a notification on your phone it sends it to your watch so you can read it.  I like it because I can now turn my phone on silent and it doesn’t bother anyone in the office, but I still know when I get a notification.

IMG_4487 (1)

She also got me a bathrobe, which is perfect for the long walk from my bathroom to my bedroom.  It is pretty cold, after all.  🙂

I got her an ultraviolet fingernail hardener.  So instead of taking years to dry your nails, you can go from start to finish in under 30 minutes.  It’s compact, yet has enough room for your hands inside.  No more waiting hours for her to get ready!  🙂  Just kidding.

IMG_4440 (1) IMG_4442 (1)I bought myself two gifts, a waffle maker (I love waffles) and this shirt:



IMG_4449 (1)


Perfect for the Christmas season.  I’ll wear it after Christmas too, I don’t care, it’s an awesome shirt.

Family Christmas.  We always open presents together, one at a time.  Here are the gifts I gave out.

IMG_4496 (1)

I got my sister a rug.  She liked it, her face isn’t being honest.

IMG_4497 (1)

Last Christmas I got my brother a bluray dvd but he didn’t have a bluray player to watch it on, so I bought him and his wife Janell a bluray player and got them each a bluray dvd to test it out on.

IMG_4502 (1)

Teaching has become harder and harder now that schools don’t reimburse teachers for a lot of teaching supplies, so I got my mom a large amount of folders, glue, pencils, etc. to help out, as well as some sciencey posters to hang in the classroom.  I know that as a kid I had every poster in the classroom memorized by the end of the year so hopefully these help!

IMG_4501 (1)

I got Andres Bocceballs or something like that, I have no idea what they are.

IMG_4498 (1)

I got my dad the ultimate BBQ set.

IMG_4503 (1)

Vicky got Wendy some super cute booties for her baby.

IMG_4508 (1)


IMG_4505 (1)

As for me, I got a book about North Korea, a box of Mac n Cheese, two pans, two shirts, a sweater, and a gift card!

We had my uncle and his kids over for dinner, and we had traditional Swedish cuisine.  We usually do the “usual” for Christmas so it was really cool to do authentic Swedish food.  We had salmon, ham, meatballs, bread, asparagus, and finely cut potato!

IMG_4509 (1) IMG_4510 (1) IMG_4516 (1)



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