Building My Parent’s Duplex

My parents are building a duplex on a lot they bought a million years ago, so now that I was home it was free manual labor, so I was enlisted to help.  My (our) task was to weatherproof the exterior walls so we could prep for windows/doors and eventually, siding.  We ran flashing along the bottom of the walls but above the foundation, we taped all the seams with this super sticky tape, and we put up Tyvek sheathing over the OSB.  It sounds simple enough but in reality it’s really time consuming…

IMG_4595 (1) IMG_4598 (1) IMG_4603 (1)Andres and Wendy came down one day, so Wendy and my Mom brought food for lunch.

IMG_4532 (1) IMG_4533 (1)We also put this expanding foam stuff in walls that were perpendicular to the exterior walls because there is no insulation in that gap that exists between the 2×4 interior wall and the exterior.  In one instance we put too much and had to pull off the OSB, shave it down, and then nail it back.

IMG_4584 (1) IMG_4587 (1)

We also fiddled with the air conditioner panel on the roof…

IMG_4554 (1)

Since I was good for manual labor, my sister and her husband just bought a new house.  30 days for escrow and it closed on the 30th day, which coincided with the day they had to move out of their apartment, so they had to frantically move.  The first part of the move went well because everything was in boxes/large items, but the last half was unboxed and literally took forever to load and unload.

We did get pizza though.

IMG_4607 (1) IMG_4608 (1) IMG_4609 (1)While I dislike manual labor I was happy to help them move into their new home.

They fed me which is important.

IMG_4614 (1)

We were able to finish everything we set out to do on the duplex, which was important.  Installing Tyvek is NOT a one person job so I was happy to help out.






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