All Things Food!

It’s easier to post all my food experiences in one place because otherwise I have a bunch of posts with only one or two pictures and my other posts get buried… So without further ado-


I went to sushi with my siblings and their spouses to a place called I Love Sushi.  I had my obligatory Rainbow Roll, which I like because it has several types of raw fish on top of a california roll.  I’m not the biggest fan of California rolls but they do the job.  Then I got a baked roll but at this point, I can’t remember exactly what it was…

IMG_4668 (1)

IMG_4549 (1)

It was pretty slow that night, and as a good gesture the sushi chef brought us free pineapple!

IMG_4550 (1)

Macaroni Grill

I went out with my family and attached spouses to Macaroni Grill, which is an Italian chain.  I got a seafood pasta, my sister got a pizza thing, and my mom got a pork chop.  I was impressed with the plating of the pork chop so I had to take a picture.  It was too long ago to remember what exactly everyone had…

But my pasta was good.

IMG_4574 (1) IMG_4578 (1) IMG_4577 (1)

Fake Chinese Food

I grew up eating at this place, Chos, and it is by no means real Chinese food but I absolutely love it and used to go a couple times a month.

IMG_4675 (1)

Prime Rib

Dad found a prime rib so he cooked one for me.  I miss beef so it was 100% appreciated.  It literally came out perfect.

IMG_4482 (1)


Not much else has to be said.

IMG_4601 (1)

Hole in the Wall Hamburger

Total hole in the wall, actually it’s outdoor seating only.  Best non- In n Out hamburger in my opinion.

IMG_4667 (1)


Goes without saying, Chipotle is a must.  Fake Tex Mex, but fresh and yummy.  Don’t go overboard though, it’s easy for your meal to eclipse 1,000cal.  This was a life staple when I was in college, and during my freshman year I got hooked up with free Chipotle for a long time.  What happened was I was friends with a girl who was friends with another girl who worked as the cashier at Chipotle, so I’d either get free chips or a free meal.  That changed once they installed cameras though unfortunately.

IMG_4676 (1)

Beef Filet

So I’m a big fan of steak and beef but I can’t eat it in Korea because well… Cow is expensive, and nobody knows how to cook it in the first place.  So as my last meal, I went with my dad to Costco and I bought a tenderloin and we brought it home and cooked it, and it literally could not have come out better.

IMG_4686 (1) IMG_4687 (1) IMG_4690 (1) IMG_4691 (1) IMG_4696 (1)

It was some serious tastyness.  Melt in your mouth type stuff.  Perfect last meal.


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