I Flew Upstairs


As seen in my last post I got a lounge voucher for Asiana’s lounge in the International Terminal.  I would also like to say that it’s cold enough outside that you need to wear heavy clothing but it gets warmer as you’re inside, and by the time I entered the lounge and sat down I was sweating and so hot.  It seemed as if the air in there was at least 30C!  I was dying!  It took what seemed like forever to cool down…

They did have these though, which was awesome for a supposedly high class lounge.  It seemed fitting at the same time though.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 4.58.59 PM

I made my way over to the plane only to find that a line had already started to form at the gate, even though I was 20 minutes early to the gate before boarding started…

I have fallen in love with this plane over time.  It’s solid, reliable (relatively, it depends on how good the airline is) beautiful and in my opinion pretty quiet.  I hope United keeps these for awhile.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 4.59.14 PM

I stood in line and the guy in front of me and the guy behind me started talking to each other.  This is a funny story, but if you’re not into the mileage game it is probably pretty boring… Anyway.

United has this thing with boarding groups.  They even have flags where you line up behind your number.  Group 1 is for Global Services (handpicked group of super frequent, high spending flyers), premium cabin flyers, and Premier 1k members, and perhaps a few other people who get perks.  Group 2 is other United MileagePlus members and credit card holders.  Groups 3-5 are based on spend and people without status.  I’m in group 1 and these two other guys are talking.  One of them comments about how long the line is, and the three of us wonder if everyone is in a premium cabin.  The obvious answer is no, because there are only 52 BF seats and 12 GF seats, and there were way more than 64 people in line.  The guy behind me starts to talk about a flight that he was on from Newark to LAX that had 117 people in group 1.  That’s practically the entire plane for a NWR > LAX flight.  Why?  He said that when United and Continental merged it created a very, very large pool of 1K frequent flyers, and for some flights with significant traffic you see a very large group 1.  We then continued to pass the time by talking about mileage rules.  I enjoyed the conversation.

Boarding began and I finally make it to the stairs and my path is blocked by this dude trying to come down the stairs.  He can barely walk and is slurring his speech, I guess he was super drunk… Anyway, they deplane him.

The flight attendant takes our orders and we push back on time.  Then the best part about Incheon, direct taxi to the runway and then we’re off 🙂

IMG_4217 (1) IMG_4218 (1)


Once we reach 15,000 feet warm nuts and beverages are passed out.

IMG_4222 (1) IMG_4223 (1)


Then it’s on to the meal!  Started with a salad and smoked salmon, followed by the main course.  I chose the beef.  It was actually really good for airplane food, it was still pink inside and was very soft, and not dry.  Definite props here.

IMG_4224 (1) IMG_4226 (1)


They look like mozerella sticks, but they are actually these potato… things.

After dinner cheese plate:

IMG_4230 (1)

And literally the best part of the meal; build your own dessert.  They come by with a dessert cart and you can build your own sundae.

IMG_4231 (1)

After my ice cream I got up to go to the bathroom and came back and it was lights out already!  I slept pretty well for it being a plane, minus the fact that it was really hot in there.



IMG_4261 (1)


I woke up and watched some TV and followed the map for a bit.




IMG_4237 (1)


I was able to sneak a few photos out the window- generally they despise when people open the window shade because it brightens the entire cabin, so I had to be quick.  Absolutely beautiful weather outside, but flying into SF it was raining.

IMG_4240 (1) IMG_4246 (1) IMG_4259 (1)


Then we were served breakfast.  It was either cereal or eggs.  Eggs weren’t great.

IMG_4245 (1)

I landed in SF and succumbed to the obligatory TSA groping and made my way to the lounge to wait for my connecting flight to SNA.  The lounge was too crowded in my opinion… GREAT views out the window though!

And finally on approach into SNA at about 20,000 feet above Catalina.

IMG_4270 (1)


Great start to my vacation 🙂


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