Hard Rock Cafe, Seoul

I’ve never been to Hard Rock.  A coworker of mine goes to every Hard Rock he can in any city or country he visits, as well as Harley Davidson stores… Anyway.  Saturday we took the drive up to Seoul to check it out.  It’s in the new Lotte World Mall, which is… Huge.  They’re also building one of the largest towers in Asia at the base of the mall, which is currently still under construction.


There is Lotte World and Lotte Department Store- we mistakenly parked at Lotte Department Store.  Lotte Children’s Adventure Park just so happens to be at the Lotte Department Store, so we connected through to Lotte World through Jamsil Subway Station, they have a connector… The entire place is huge.  Lotte World Mall is almost incomprehensible how large it is.


Ah- Hard Rock Cafe.


I guess Hard Rock centers around live bands most nights, so there’s a stage, and when you get there they ask you what your favorite band is and they will play it for you.  Pretty neat.  Listening to my coworker, they apparently have a lot of design cues that they share across franchises.  Decor was nice.


Anyway, time to eat.  First, a sampler!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 6.20.41 PM


All of it was good, as is all fried food.  Anything is good if it’s fried.  The brushetta was great in my opinion.

I ordered a burger.  It didn’t disappoint.  It also made me realize that I’ve gotten so used to the smaller Korean portion sizes that I couldn’t finish my meal!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 6.20.25 PM


Also, the restaurant was unbearably hot inside.  They apparently can’t really control the temperature for some reason, and I was practically sweating sitting there.  A manager came by and tried turning on these “air movers” and it helped a bit.  We got to talking to him and he’s from the bay area and he came to Korea in February to help launch the restaurant, and he leaves at the end of the month!  He’s started 4 Hard Rock’s in Asia and as worked on a few other theme restaurants and it’s been 10 years that he’s been in Asia.  Fascinating guy to talk to.  I sort of think he gets lonely because he was really chatty…

Another interesting thing to note is the staff is international.  He had some people from the states that he brought over to help with the launch, there were Europeans, Africans, Asians… It was pretty cool!  A really eclectic mix.

And the view on the drive home:




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