Korean Food?

It’s a lot easier to share everything in one post that I’ve been eating recently rather than 20, hence the title!

BBQ Pork

For starters, we had a VP of sales fly out so we took him out to BBQ.  This place in particular is known for their pork.  Their side dishes are also something to talk about because not only do they offer a wide variety, but they are very tasty!  And, a number of them aren’t common at other places!  Most places give you between 5 and 7, this place gives you more.


With a healthy serving of Kimchi.  Speaking of which, it’s Kimchi making season.  Guess what’s in the air?  Pepper paste.

The pork is amazing.  THIS is the way bacon should be in the states.  You guys are doing it so, so wrong; you’ve practically bred the fat out of pigs.  THIS is doing it right.  So very, very right.


Some Random Place

Went with some coworkers to this bar/pub place.  The sign says bar on the roof and pub a floor below, but the only difference is the bar has different seats than the pub… But they have the same menu and food.  Wut.

We shared this…Thing.


It reminds me of those giant sushi boats.

So let’s see: the sausages were questionable at best, the wings were awesome, the fries were even awesomer, the cutlet was on par with other cutlet, didn’t try the salad, loved the watermelon, loved the pineapple, not a fan of the grapes.

This place also had craft beer.  Didn’t pay attention to how much though, I didn’t pay.  Also, when we first came it was dead.  Then other people trickled in but every other group was doing what’s called “o-cha” which means “five rounds.”  You start at one place and eat some stuff and drink, then you walk to the next place and eat some stuff and drink, then you walk to the next place and eat some stuff and drink… In order it’s il-cha, e-cha, sam-cha, sa-cha, and o-cha.  Anyway these dudes were completely plastered.  The kicker?  It was Tuesday.  Walking outside proved that they weren’t the only ones doing it.




That’s a “double order” of fries.  Riiiight.

Paris Baguette 

This place is everywhere.  What I didn’t know is they cater sandwiches.  This was for another work function.

20141121_121637 20141121_122008



Ah…. Buffets.  I hate buffets simply because I never feel like I get my money’s worth because I don’t eat enough.  That, and you never know how long the food has been sitting there.  At places here though, you don’t feel as bad because it’s so cheap.  5,000W.

These are from two different places, one was vegetarian the other wasn’t.  Even the meat place was mostly vegetables… I mean seriously, how hard is it to go outside and kill a chicken?  I’ve been watching this show on Netflix called Lillehammer.  It’s about this ex-mobster who goes into witness protection and moves to Norway.  He meets this girl with a kid, and some wolf kills the kid’s sheep.  Mr. Mob wants to kill the wolf, but even the police get involved and say “I hope nobody is planning anything rash… It’s illegal you know.”  As in, they can’t go kill the wolf because it’s against the law to hunt anything.  Whether or not this is true about Norway, I feel that maybe it’s the same way here.  Don’t kill the animals!  But seriously, if you want to lose weight, move here and eat this stuff every single day.  Skip the complimentary ice cream bar though.

By the way, watch Lillehammer.  It’s a good show.  Slow, but good.

20141118_120512 20141118_120544

I’ll Just Make My Own

In a nutshell, don’t.  Leave it to the professionals.

I did go to the store to find that red pepper paste stuff.  I couldn’t find it so I showed one of the many employees at e-mart “장독대” on my phone and he pointed me in the right direction.  I wouldn’t have found it otherwise.  It’s called jangdokdae.  What you find in the restaurant has stuff added to it though and I don’t know what they add nor am I about to go through the trouble of finding out.  Anyway, this stuff is fermented in clay pots for YEARS and then sold.  Literally, there’s fields of these clay pots filled with fermenting pepper paste.  Hah!


I picked up some beef rib.  Korean beef rib can be bought “LA Style” which is beef rib cut sideways.  It’s really good.  This is from Australia, it says so on the cover… It’s really good.  33,000W for that, meat isn’t cheap.  I cooked it, but it’s better bought at a restaurant…


So that’s my excitement.


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