Fall is Falling

Fall has fallen is more like it.  Check out my sweet instagram filter (disclaimer: I don’t even have an instagram)PhotoGrid_1415692711961


Speaking of instagram filters, if you lessen your warmth colors and add like a blue but enhance the yellow, and maybe a film filter on top of it, you can make anything look “cold.”  LOOK AT HOW COLD IT IS!  Not really.



Being from California I am grossly unprepared for cold weather.  So I went to buy a jacket and saw this walking, talking microphone.


They were doing some contest thing.  Speaking of microphones, what’s up with Taylor Swift and her new album?  She named it “1989” because she was born in 1989 (I think) but if she was going for an album named after her birth year, you would think it would be taking her back to her “roots” but instead she went over to the dark side and released a pop album.  Seriously…  How can she win a CMA this year if her album is all pop?  I didn’t like her debut song at all but a few songs on her new album are really catchy… To go even further off topic, she has a song on there “Blank Space” which is a song, in a nutshell, about her and her revolving boyfriend door.  There is literally a lyric that sounds like she’s saying “We’re all Starbucks Lovers” and I got so confused until I looked it up- apparently she’s saying “I’ve got a long list of ex-lovers” (which is a lot worse) but I would have bet money she was talking about how much she loves Starbucks.  She should just change the lyric.

Anyway, I bought this jacket.

20141116_160030I also saw this hatchback that had Brembo brakes… Really?  6 pot calipers for… What reason?


For a few days it started to ice over, and I woke up to this:



It’s just frost, but I still had to squirt my windows to get the ice off… But at least the sky is clear.


Straight up, it’s going to get cold and I don’t really… Like the cold.  Actually, I don’t mind the cold.  I prefer it to be cooler rather than warmer because I really don’t like sweating.  BUT, the thing about the social norms around here is they BLAST the heater inside.  So you go from literally 0 degrees to 30 degrees (I’m talking C here) in about 2 seconds, so if you don’t tear off all your layers within 30 seconds you start sweating profusely.  Drives me nuts.  But I don’t like the cold here because it’s going to snow inevitably, and I hate the snow.  Well I don’t hate the snow, I just hate driving in the snow.  I also don’t like walking in the snow.  You get wet for some reason.  I hate getting wet while cold.  Whatever, it sucks.

This won’t be fun.




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