Entering my Ninth Month

9 months in, almost!

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 8.17.38 PM

This is a screen shot of my stats page.  This is all time views of my blog.  Every home page visit and every page visit counts as a view, so take that into account.  Also, if you’re on mobile and you scroll down and it adds more blog posts, that counts as another view.  I found that out because I was looking through my own blog one day and was scrolling through, and the next day I looked at my stats and it showed 16 views from Korea, all on the homepage.  LOL!  So what do these stats mean to me?

It means that the internet is really good at sharing stories.  It’s kind of awesome thinking about it, that people outside of my family/friend circle see my blog!  I know that I have looked at my fair share of blogs, a lot of them travel/foreigner related, especially as I was getting ready to move here!  So I like to think that maybe that’s what people do with mine, and it hopefully it answers a few questions or makes their mind feel at ease about living in Korea.

Spain is an outlier I think; I don’t know anybody who lives in Spain but it’s second in ranked countries based on views!  Even though it’s only a fraction of a percent of total views…  Anyhow, to the readers in Spain, thanks for reading!

So, what’s next?  Christmas is coming up and I plan on spending a little over two weeks in the States visiting and catching up.  Then it’s back to Korea!  It looks like I will be here another year.  Looking back on my time here, I’ve grown to like this place in all of its’ quirkyness.  I’m attempting to learn Korean, and I’m comfortable with traveling around to different places via public transportation.  My one complaint would be, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, that a vast majority of restaurants cater to groups.  It’s hard and nearly impossible to eat by yourself at a BBQ joint!  It’s a product of the culture, I understand.  But as an exploring guy I’ve found myself foregoing food simply because I can’t find any single serving places in the area that I’m in!

For this next year, I’m hoping to travel a bit more and do some weekend trips to some surrounding countries.  TAS (Tokyo Auto Show) is in January and I really want to go, so I’m looking into buying my ticket for that soon.  Hong Kong would be cool too.

Monday I’m going to my realtor to talk about moving, so hopefully that conversation pans out!  In the meantime, I’ll have to update what I’ve been up to!


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