I Finally Found Decent Vietnamese

At long last….

I found out about this place through a coworker.  Another guy in the office lives somewhat close to here, and I’m starting to find that a lot of people like Pho like I do.  Since it was cold today I decided it would be a great time to go!

For the locals, exit Pyeongtaek Station and cross the main street.  Go down the street that’s to the left of the middle street of the 5 fingers.  Walk down to the Baskin Robbins and turn left, pass Moti Mahal, and make another left and it’s going to be on your left on the second floor.  Follow the super cheesy green Vietnamese sign and walk up the stairs.



It’s on the second floor and you can’t really tell if it’s open or not because they close the shutters… Don’t let that fool you.



I wasn’t the only one in there, which was a plus.  There were two other tables occupied and both were Vietnamese folks.  So I had to be in the right place, right?  Living here I’ve started to become really sensitive to surrounding english conversations.  I can be in a store and if someone says something in english I perk up.  The same goes for any language other than Korean.  Korean is sort of… an apologetic sounding language.  By apologetic I mean soft spoken, no harsh punctuations, etc.  Vietnamese is not like that.  Haha

The broth was really good and flavorful!


It does the job, and I’ll be coming back here.

In other news, it’s gotten cold.  I bought a winter jacket and I wear at least 4 layers a day now.  If it feels like this now, it’s only going to get worse, which means I can only become more miserable.  I don’t think it will snow before Thanksgiving like it has in the past, but we’re in for snow come December.  I hate snow.  I like the “cold” because I like wearing sweaters, but I hate being cold.  It’s a catch 22.  I also hate sweating.  I have made use of my heated floors, and they get pretty warm!  It takes forever to heat up though.  And as I listen to my heater start up and run, I can also hear my precious won bills start floating away, out of my house…

I’m going to be moving in January.  My apartment is too far from everything, I want to be closer to the train station.  I’ll be talking to my realtor when I pay rent next month.


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