Sunday in Seoul

Sunday I met up with a friend of mine who is in Korea on business for two weeks.  He got in Saturday night, so Sunday I took the train up to Seoul and met up with him and another friend of his who is an English teacher here in Korea.


First things first, lunch.  I found a food blog that had a post about Ramen in Seoul.  The general rule is it’s bad, but there are a few places that are good, and this place in particular is run by some Japanese people so I figured it was safe.


It’s this super small place down a random alley in Hongdae.  It’s a few bar seats and about 4 tables.

The Ramen?


Really, really good.  Like, reeeally good.  Good choice I must say.

Where to next?  It was such a clear day yesterday we decided to go to N. Seoul Tower because the view would be really good.  I’ve been once before and it was SO HAZY you couldn’t see anything.

Little did we know, everyone else had the same idea.  It was really, really packed… But regardless we still went up to the top.

20141012_135800 20141012_140911 20141012_140401

I was happy with how clear it was; too bad we didn’t go at dusk, but still.

20141012_142012 20141012_142520

I can’t tell you how many selfies we saw.  EVERYONE was doing selfies, and there were about a billion of those dumb selfie sticks roaming around.


Seoul Tower was pretty much all we did… We went back to his hotel so his friend could catch a bus back to his town.  So we went downstairs and apparently in the Shinsegae basement there’s this giant food court.


After walking around we settled on some weird sushi (they used smoked salmon…) and these really funky burgers, they were actually pretty good surprisingly!

20141012_181546 20141012_181551

We jumped on a train over to Itaewon to see what was going on.  Plus I read a blog about this craft beer place, and I was sick of Cass so I wanted something else… Apparently Itaewon was having this huge festival and they blocked off the street for this EDM type deal.


Found the place on the second floor of this building in an alley… You can see the trend… That’s the beauty of this place.  There are hidden gems everywhere.  I could go to a new place every day for a year, each will be unique, and frankly it would all probably be pretty good.

20141012_193828 20141012_195122

Mmmmm finally something better than Korean beer.

We parted ways not soon after and I took the train home.


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