From Field to Table

I found this place somewhat close to where I live that had vietnamese cuisine.  I had to go check it out!

I was given pretty shady directions on how to get there.  I was told it was “above that one buffet place we went to a long time ago, I think it’s the 8th floor.”  So I drove to the buffet place I went to on my first day in Korea.  I knew it was somewhere down a narrow street….


I went up to the 8th floor, and ended up here…


On the 8th floor of a parking garage.  I like this picture because it really shows the essence of this place- built up city next to rice paddies.  Plus smog.

I eventually found the place on the 8th floor of the mall next door to where I was.  Oops.  I also found out that this place is a chain and I’ve been here before- well, I’ve been to the one in Gangnam.  This one was definitely better in the broth department, but their egg rolls sucked.  Their broth was actually really, really good though.  I was impressed!


Afterwards I walked back to my car.  I want to try this place:


For their dessert!!  One day.

It was honestly a beautiful day, I had no complaints.

IMG-20140901-WA0047 IMG-20140901-WA0049 IMG-20140901-WA0051


I ended up driving around for awhile and then I headed home.  So the entire time I’ve been here in Korea I only stop at red lights if there is active cross traffic. Otherwise, I pretend it’s green. Everyone does it, it’s like if you stop then you run the risk of getting rear ended by someone.

So I blew through my usual 10 stoplights today and after the 10th stoplight I got pulled over! Well more like “motioned” to the side of the road- me and two other cars. Both of the other cars got tickets while I was ignored… Then both police officers came up to me after giving the other two cars tickets and told me in matter of fact terms that “red light, stop. Green mean go.” Then they let me leave.

I love this country.


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