Making Some Gumbo

So I made some gumbo at home the other day.

I didn’t really mean to do a “how to cook” type of deal so I don’t have pictures of everything, but I can give you a quick rundown of how to make it, sans some images.

Gumbo is pretty easy.  First, you need to buy a bunch of stuff from the store.  Gumbo originated with bored women at home who didn’t know what to do with all the leftovers in their icebox.  I say icebox because this started millions of years ago.

IMG-20140824-WA0027 IMG-20140824-WA0031

Main ingredients are as follows:

Sausage (preferably Andouille)
Bell Pepper
Green Onion

I accidentally bought two paprikas instead of paprika and cayenne pepper.  😡


Don’t forget creole seasoning.  Cayenne pepper is better though.


So first, start a pot boiling with water and throw in the chicken in cut up pieces.  Keep the water level relatively low and throw in some chicken stock to liven up the broth.  Maybe throw in some peppercorns, mild spices, and maybe some parsley?  Let it boil for half an hour.  Meanwhile, use a saucepan to heat up some oil (3/4 cup) and half a stick or less of butter.  Throw in a cup of flour and start stirring.  Stir for half an hour or until brown.  Don’t let it burn, because that’s bad.  Here’s some boiling chicken.



I bought a smaller chicken, you can buy a big one if you want.  I didn’t cook the back, I cut it off and tossed it.



And here’s some flour and oil mixture.

IMG-20140824-WA0039 IMG-20140824-WA0041

If you’re wanting to skip the rouex, which is the oil thing, you can’t.  Otherwise you won’t have gumbo.  So be a sport and make it, otherwise your gumbo will suck and don’t use my blog as a reference when people ask you “Oh where did you learn how to make this terrible mixture?”  Only reference it when they like it.

Okay so what’s next?  Cut up your vegetables.  Get it ready.  This is onions, celery, and bell pepper.




So you want to put your Rueox or however you spell it into another pan so you can throw in your copious amounts of veggies.  This part is sort of tricky, you can use half of it or all of it, it doesn’t really matter, it just helps it to be more manageable.  Throw your veggies in with the Rueox and stir, stir, stir.  It will clump and want to burn… If it starts to burn, do the next step.  The point of this is to get the water to come out of the veggies and go into the Ruex but whatever, it doesn’t really matter.  I ended up saute’ing the other half of the veggies and throwing it in that way.

So the next step?  Remember your chicken you boiled?  Well strain the chicken out and use the now chicken broth.  So I strained into another pot.


Put 7-8 cups of broth into your weird looking reux/veggie mixture.  It looks like this:


Gross right?

I also saute’d the sausage, veggies, and okra on the side and threw it in the pot.

IMG-20140824-WA0051 IMG-20140824-WA0055


So as you start to throw everything in the pot it starts to look like this:

IMG-20140824-WA0053 IMG-20140824-WA0057

So let it simmer for awhile.  Say, 45 minutes or so.  Then throw in your chicken (I shredded mine) and let it cook for another hour or so.  Stir it every once in awhile, maybe.

IMG-20140824-WA0059 IMG-20140824-WA0061


I threw in some shrimp at the very end.  Don’t throw it in too early otherwise it shrinks.

I made some rice and made  a bowl of gumbo.  Yummyyyyy!

Oh I forgot- throw spices in there.




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