Korea has guns… Apparently.

So as the title says… Apparently Korea has shooting ranges.

But before I get to that, I haven’t posted my recent food outings so I’ll go ahead and do that now.  😀

Fish and Chips From Some Weird Upstairs Dining Place

Puffin.  Either you love it or you hate it.  So far 50% of people polled hate it and 50% love it.  With a poll of 4 people, I think I have a 25% +/- margin of error.

IMG-20140808-WA0002 (1)


No Korean food here, ‘Murica!  Or more like British Pub.  Who knows what they’re trying to be.

I ordered fish and chips, which was a real gamble.  On the one hand, french fries aren’t really a thing here.  What kind of “chips” would I get?  And fish?  It seems like a safe choice given the amount of fishing going on around here, but given the recent events several coworkers had to endure in regards to seafood, I should have been more wary.

It ended up being okay though.  Either I have a gut of steel or it was actually safe, but I had no ill effects after eating the fish and chips.  Dare I say it actually wasn’t bad, I wouldn’t hesitate to order it again.

IMG-20140808-WA0004 (1) IMG-20140808-WA0006 (1)

Some Soup Stuff

I love soup.  So apparently the other soup that I’ve been eating at that other place is actually pork bone soup, and it’s like a back bone.  This is actual beef bone soup.  It’s not as flavorful… But still good.

IMG-20140807-WA0006 (1)

The stuff on the side in the salt shaker?  Yeah that’s MSG.

BBQ What

Okay so Korea is a hermit society, right?  So there are only so many types of food you can really get.  Well this is a main staple.

This is something new though, the cabbage watery looking thing (white bowl with cabbage in water) is actually summer kimchi.  It’s this spicy water, ice, and the kimchi plant.  😛  How’s that for Western explanation.  For those of you at home wanting to actually learn about Korea, this may not be the blog to get that information from….  Anyway, I like summer kimchi better than whatever else they have.  Winter Kimchi?  Belly Fire Kimchi?  My Rear Hurts Kimchi?  Yeah those aren’t my favorite.

IMG-20140808-WA0014 (1)

The Real Deal- Shooting

In order to go shooting you need to eat.  ‘Murica.

IMG-20140809-WA0002 (1)

Gas was surprisingly cheap…. Filled up for the third time since arriving here 5 months ago.  😀

IMG-20140809-WA0004 (1)

I went shooting with two coworkers.  Both of them have bikes so I followed them in my Kia.  We took the back roads since bikes aren’t allowed on toll roads.  Kamikaze drivers aside, it was a nice drive!  Blue sky, clear air, great temperature, and a breeze, not to mention rolling countryside made it a pleasant drive.

20140809_110937 (1) 20140809_110945 (1) 20140809_110956 (1)

So let’s talk about guns in Korea in general.  No one can own a gun and everyone seems to be pretty scared of them in general.  The government took them away so the people couldn’t take over the country back a couple dozen years ago.  Most policemen don’t even carry weapons… Just to give you an idea.  As a result, gun ranges provide the guns and you obviously can’t bring your own.  Not that we have any anyway…

Because of this, this junk is stupid expensive.

20140809_112516 (1)

After I went to the hospital, recovered from my heart attack, and came back, I decided to forego the handgun option and opted for skeet only.  23 bucks for 25 rounds is easier to swallow than 20 bucks for 10 rounds.  It made sense why people would cycle through pretty quick- shoot a clip then leave.  Ouch.  In order to be the most “safe” they put the gun on this wire so you can’t turn it around on anybody.  Uh…


And they make you wear bulletproof vests.

20140809_114327 (1)

They’re always surprised when people come in and shoot well.  It’s like they can’t believe it.  Well, that’s what being an ex special forces does for you… Your tax dollars at work I guess.

20140809_115240 (1)

So what’s the skeet shooting like?  You go out onto a patio and you have a guy stand with you and he’s in charge of the clays.  He also gives you tips and pointers, but I ignored him, yelled pull, and broke my first two so he didn’t talk much after that… I prefer stations rather than staying in the same place because it gets monotonous, but I can understand why they don’t do that.  It’s 23/box of 25, and I know I can usually shoot through a case (250 rounds) in one sitting, so I don’t know how these people can practice.  Shooting 25 rounds is a joke.  So I shot 50 and it still made my wallet hurt…

20140809_113924 (1) 20140809_114203 (1) 20140809_114209 (1)

Aaaand our little group.

20140809_115908 (1)

I was happy with my 75% success rate, but I would have liked it if I could have shot more.  Oh well, it’s on the list when I get back to the states.  My Weatherby is feeling neglected I’m sure.

So we left and went to go find food.  After getting turned around in the countryside we ended up in Osan next to the air base there, so we found a Mexican restaurant.  I saw one mexican there behind the bar, so I knew it couldn’t be that bad, right?  This place was on the second floor and was a decent size.  I did start to have fear in regards to my food order when they brought my Corona with a lemon… Blasphemy.

20140809_124047 (1) 20140809_124044 (1)

20140809_125002 (1)


20140809_124448 (1)


I ordered tacos.  They were actually really good.  Perfect amount of seasoning, plenty of meat, and over all really tasty!  Thumbs up to the only mexican restaurant in this country!  Run by Koreans.

20140809_131028 (1)

I’ll definitely come back!

Right outside of the base gate is this mall with tons of shops.  Pretty cool!

20140809_135836 (1)

Last but not least….


20140809_142912 (1)


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