So Where Was I

You thought I forgot about the blog, huh…..

I haven’t really been that busy, more of just lazy.  Well lazy and hot.  Unbearably hot.

So I went to a wedding…Reception?

A coworker of mine got married.  Well he’s not married yet.  He’s marrying his Korean fiance in the states, but they wanted to have a reception for all their friends in Korea so they had a reception.  The drive up was uneventful.

IMG-20140712-WA0009 (1)

Guy on the left is said coworker Mike, coworker on the right is the boss man.

20140712_114715 (1)

Creeper pics aside, it was a really nice venue.  It was on base in Seoul at the Dragon Hill Lodge.  The Dragon Hill was designed and built by the Army Corps of Engineers and funded by army personnel themselves.  Thanks, 8th Army!

*internet photo*



20140712_114234 (1) 20140712_115730 (1) 20140712_115806 (1) 20140712_120428 (1)

An awesome buffet-

20140712_123222 (1)

And the main show!  Cutting the cake.  Of which nobody got any.  Basically they had the room for two hours and the “ceremony” went up until the two hours was up then everybody literally got up and went outside and took pictures.  I wanted cake 😦

It was interesting to see the “just married” banner.  I guess they really wanted it to be a reception!

20140712_132953 (1) 20140712_134644 (1)

This girl playing violin is the niece of Sharon.  I was really, really impressed…

Then two other kids played a saxophone and one sang, it was like a talent show.  At a wedding reception.  Very talented though.  After that I ditched Seoul, it was too hot.

Narrow Streets

…What else is there to say.

20140717_193714 (1)


I’m getting addicted to this stuff.

20140717_184136 (1) 20140717_184140 (1) IMG-20140717-WA0010

I made ribs


I found some baby back ribs at the store so I bought them and cooked them in the oven.  Really good, but gas ovens are hard to regulate temperature on so long story short, they weren’t “fall off the bone” tender but more like BBQ level of tender.

IMG-20140713-WA0020 (1)

20140713_134030 (1)

Beef bone soup- backbone of Korea


20140718_120813 (1)

I like ice cream

And cookies, apparently.




I saw this documentary on Netflix about North Korea.  Watch it, it’s fascinating.  In a really depressing fascinating kind of way.

I’ve also been reading online (dangerous I know) that NK is responsible for a significant amount of cyber attacks against various entities, mainly the US and SK.  I didn’t even know they have computers.  Here they have starving children and they have the computing capability for cyber attacks.  Oh, and not only do they have the biggest army in the world, but 45% of their national budget goes to the military.  Oh and about the army?  The number represents every able-bodied person in NK between the ages of 14 and 45.  Every single one.

IMG-20140713-WA0027 (1)

Soul Food

Yeah they had this on base.  Couldn’t help myself for $4.60.


Food Market

Every day that ends in a 5 and 8, or maybe it’s 3 and 8, whatever it doesn’t matter- multiple times a month they have farmers markets where people bring their wares (mainly food) and sell them.  Supposedly really good quality!  My bananas did not last long though after I purchased them.  Bummer.

20140718_115831 (1) 20140718_123816 (1) 20140718_123651 (1) 20140718_123624 (1) 20140718_123519 (1) 20140718_123514 (1)

Emergency alert- what?

Yeah this stupid message woke me up at 3AM.  It has a distinct vibrate to it so since it was different it woke me up.  It happened twice.  I CAN”T EVEN READ IT.  I threw it in google translate and it didn’t help me very much.

IMG-20140718-WA0000 IMG-20140718-WA0001


….Who is the safety John?

So I went to Seoul Again

^Random capitalization…

A college friend came to Korea as a graduation party sort of thing, so I met up with him, a few of his high school friends, and their uncle.  I was supposed to meet them at 9AM, but that turned into noon.  After I had arrived…

Anyway we went to the Korean War Memorial, which is in Yongsan.  I had already been there, but we went through an area that I hadn’t walked through that detailed the Korean war.  That was actually VERY interesting.

20140719_124919 (1)

I didn’t have my camera with me because I figured it would be pretty hot to carry it around.  And uh, it was very hot.  I couldn’t find any reprieve anywhere, it was honestly close to a million degrees inside, and there was no direct air circulation in ANY building I walked into.  Plus the sun shining through the smog was like looking into the 7th circle of hell- it was hot.  And it burned.

Here’s a modern Korean warrior.

20140719_133221 (1)

They were going to the National History Museum of Korea, and their car was full so I took the subway by myself and met them.

20140719_141621 (1) 20140719_145721 (1)

At this point I was literally dying of heat exhaustion so I don’t have many pictures.  I want to go back when it’s not a million degrees outside and actually explore the museum.

My friend had to leave at that point so I was on my own.  There was a concert going on outside (random, but they were REALLY good) so I stayed and watched until they were done.  They were phenomenal, actually.  I was lucky enough to get caught in the rush to the subway, so I had that going for me.

20140719_154135 (1)

I decided I wanted pho so I took the subway to Gangnam and found this pho spot.

IMG-20140719-WA0020 IMG-20140719-WA0025 IMG-20140719-WA0027

I wasn’t too disappointed.  It wasn’t great by any means, the broth was very thin and it was obvious they didn’t wash their noodles before cooking.  However it worked for me in a pinch.  Oh the restaurant barely had any air conditioning.

I took the subway to Seoul Station and once I walked in I was met with a 85+ degree room (it was literally at least 34, 35C in there) with no air circulation.  I had to stand in a line of 40 people to get my ticket and nearly collapsed from heat stroke.  I’m not even exaggerating on that bit.  I got standing room only and had a miserable train ride back home.  Overpaid for a taxi, then laid down on my couch at home underneath my air conditioner.  It was a wonderful day.

What am I even looking at…

No description necessary.

20140722_144630 (1)


*Random photo*




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