Food, Food, and More Food. ….Wait What?

I eat a lot, deal with it.

So since getting back to Korea I’ve been somewhat jetlagged.  I had the longest journey ever (it seems) and went to work the very next morning, and it didn’t help that I was having a hard time sleeping.  Something about sleeping until say, 6AM is really, really difficult, at least for me, flying in this direction.  I’m still really messed up and waking up way before my alarm goes off.

There’s this creepy chef dude.

I have no idea what it says, but that chef sure is happy.  The noodles aren’t half bad.

20140702_122426 (1)

Let’s eat pig.

So there’s this place we haven’t checked out yet that we finally went to.  What sets this place apart is its parking lot.  It actually has one.

20140705_192327 (1)

So I’ve been here twice now and to be honest, I kind of like the place.  I think their prices could use some help (beef in particular is pricey) but food quality and quantity is nothing to complain about.  They offer about a billion sides which is an added bonus.  The first time we ate only pork because it was on par price-wise with other restaurants, and the second time we went we tried the beef.  To put it into perspective, 150g of beef is 23,000 whereas pork is 11,000 for 180g.  More food for less.

They also have you cook on a skillet that drains into a cup because otherwise the pork would make your coals constantly flare up.  The pork IS really fatty and I understand but the coals are more FUN!   Oh well.

20140702_174639 (1) 20140702_174656 (1) 20140702_174700 (1)

You can see the beef in this picture.  It is a really good cut of beef, and is good quality.  Probably some of the better beef I’ve had in Korea.

20140705_194101 (1) 20140705_194831 (1) 20140705_194839 (1)

Light up the Sky

Fireworks do exist in Korea.

Granted, this is a military base.

Oooh, Aaaah…. Not bad!  They had a whole shindig going on all day with games and prizes and stuff, but I didn’t show up until 7 or so because it was so. hot. outside.

20140704_211909 (1) 20140704_211813 (1)

Korean Chinese, Korean Style, Hold the Chinese Please

Coworker: Do you like chinese food?
Me: Yes!!
Coworker: OK let’s eat chinese food Korean style.
Me: Oh no…
Coworker: You don’t like chinese?
Me: No, I do…Let’s go…

It was extremely spicy, but other than that, I’ll be back.  It’s not the “chinese” that I know, so no complaints from me!

IMG-20140703-WA0001 IMG-20140703-WA0004

The fried rice was surprisingly good and tasty (not oily, plenty of flavor, good rice base) and the red dish?  Lots of noodles hidden in there but let me tell you- it burns your mouth.  Eat your melon when it gets too bad.  But seriously it hurt.

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

I’m sure I’ll write about the rain a lot.

Weather can change within 5 minutes.


We’ll see how much rain we get from typhoon Neoguri.


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