San Luis Obispo

On Monday Vicky had to work and I was on PTO, so once she went to work I followed and brought her pastries at her work for both her and her coworkers.  They are these little strawberry and creme filled pastries that are literally to die for.  I’m not one for hawking places I visit but seriously, if you find yourself in the Tustin area go to Cream Pan.  It’s worth it.

I also stopped by the first project I worked on when I first started working at my company.  I was there for a year and three months and there are two people there that were on the project when I was there.  I had to stop by and say hello!  The project is done, but we are performing extension of staff services for small scale projects around the hospital.  They are almost done with a clinic that used to be office space, which used to be a restaurant often frequented by John Wayne, interesting tidbit of info right there…  Anyway said clinic was laid out by yours truly and I did some prelim drawings for the building department way back when about a year ago.  They apparently used my layout and actually did the remodel.  So that was pretty cool to see!  At least my 5 years in architecture school didn’t go to waste.

I visited my old office as well and spoke with some higher ups over there so I’m not forgotten, and then we grabbed a quick lunch.  By this time I was running late because I had to be up in San Luis that afternoon, as a friend of mine from high school lives there and I wanted to see him while I was in the country.  So I jumped on the 405 and caught the 101 and ended up in SLO!  I have to say- I don’t know what the fuss is with the 405, I didn’t hit any traffic.  Well to be fair it was 1pm…


Made it to SLO!


My friend Chris works at a high speed letter opener/ high speed printer company.  They design and manufacture high speed letter openers and printers.  Well not only high speed, but high volume as well.  Check out Postmark on Youtube and there are a few vids of how they work.  So he is in charge of design, marketing, and manufacturing.  Pretty cool!


We ran over to his apartment to drop off my stuff and I got to say hi to Kodi.  Long time no see, my friend.  And yes, that is definitely one of those creeper dog photos.


Definitely a sweet view from his pad!



We walked to DT SLO and hit up one of his hangout spots and grabbed a beverage and then met up with some of his friends for dinner.  We went to this place called Crawdaddys which I guess was supposed to be southern type food… It was decent.  Both downtown and the restaurant were sort of dead, first of all because it was Monday night but also because school isn’t in session anymore and everyone has gone home for the summer.


That was an artery clogger.

Instead of bar hopping we decided to go to one of his friends houses and we played cards against humanity for a really, really long time… The game is so dumb but so, so funny at the same time.  I have no idea how those folks come up with the cards, but whatever they do, they’re doing it right.  Not suitable for everyone though.

I crashed at Chris’s house and left in the morning to head home.  Lucky me, I got stuck behind plenty of slow people.  -__-


And of course, nothing would be complete without In n Out 🙂


Apologies for the brevity, I’m actually playing catch up on my blog posts.  I’m already back in Korea and working full swing, and the trip back was pretty draining for me.  I had no jetlag back in the states but it seems that it’s hit me when I got back to Korea.  I’ll make sure to update more tomorrow!

Until then, stay tuned!


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