McLaren, Sushi, and Family

Driving through Newport Beach, I remembered that a dealership had a McLaren P1 on display awhile ago, and I was curious if it was still there… As I was parking two guys in an Evo drove by and said they had a P1 there, so that finalized it!


These are the new 650S’s that everyone is raving about.  Not a fan, personally.

The P1 is a pinnacle of engineering- it’s very, very impressive.  It’s one of the first supercars (it’s more of the hypercar status) that has a hybrid drivetrain.  Yes, it has a twin turbo v8 in it but it also has an electric 200hp supplemental engine as well.  This evens out the powerband so you have more torque at the bottom end and fills in the gaps that turbo lag or engine deficiencies may have.

Stunning in person.




One day…


That’s my main gas station.  I’ve mainly filled up with gas at that place for the entire time I’ve had this car.  The reason is they are the cheapest non-Arco gas station in a 10 mile radius of where I used to live, plus they’re right next to the freeway.  Can’t go wrong with that!



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