Cars and Coffee: Prime Lens Edition

For years I have been attending a car show that occurs weekly in Irvine.  When I was in school I didn’t go as much, but after I graduated I was going fairly regularly.  It’s a free car show that anyone can go to.  It starts at 5:30-6AM and goes until about 8:30AM.  We usually get there 6:45 or so because we’re just spectating, not showing.

As usual there was a good turnout.  Being the super dude that I am, I thought it would be a great idea to use my 50mm prime lens to shoot since I like it’s depth of field and it’s f-stop… Unfortunately using a 50mm in a cramped setting does NOT work very well as you can see in my photos.  Of course I left my 18-55mm lens in the car.

The basic premise of the show is anyone is welcome, but they politely request that if you have a normal car to park in spectator parking so other special cars can get in.  Everyone abides by that rule for the most part.

As you can see, especially in the beginning, my photos came out pretty bad.  With a 50mm you have to be pretty far away to catch the whole subject, and people end up standing in your picture.  😡

Special marquee today had some Ferrari Dinos and the new Alpha 4C, which hasn’t come to the states yet.  He had manufacturer plates.


Typical scene found here.  There really is a smattering of unique automobiles, which is what makes this event particularly special.  Of course you have your groups of regulars who show up in their stock mustangs and park together and take up valuable space from everyone else, but oh well…


Race prepped Ford Falcon.


One of my favorites, Caterham 7.



You don’t see Bugatti racers every day.


I like how the Aventador is almost as tall as the kid…


This race-prepped 996 911 had some pretty serious custom manifold and turbo work done.  Oh plus the full cage.


A local artist does hand sketches of various cars.  He close the Bugatti when we had walked by.


This has to be without a doubt the nicest NSX I have ever seen.  Due to the license plate I have a sneaking suspicion I know whose car this is.  I have never really been into NSX’s but I definitely have a strong sense of respect for them, but seeing this car with these mods made me really second guess my feelings towards this car.  It’s absolutely perfect.


Every time a F40 shows up it steals the show…


I wonder if this guy was named Mufasa.


It’s always fun to watch cars leave. We headed over there sort of late so we missed a number of cars that had left already.


And of course there are the dudes who are so low that they have a hard time leaving the parking lot… It’s not even that steep… Oh well.  Hopefully the fad ends soon.


This guy shows up a lot but I think he’s worth mentioning.  This is an 80’s concept car, the Vector.  It looks like knight rider in the passenger compartment and it has those 80’s angles.  The angles!


Anyway, then we ran off to Starbucks.  The rest of the day will be in another post, so stay tuned!


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