Back to the States I go!

On June 20th I left Korea to come back to the states for a week.

I started my journey at 12pm Korea time, Friday June 20th.  Keep that in mind.

12,000W and a 2.5 hour bus ride later, I found myself at the airport.  I had checked in on my phone, but since I had a connection and I can’t use my Korean phone in the US, I went to a kiosk and got printed tickets.  I had a carry on instead of a checked bag, so I didn’t have to mess with all that junk.

I must say that immigration and security is a breeze at Incheon- it is no wonder why they are ranked as the top airport in the world multiple years in a row.  I am NOT surprised.  It took me a grand total of 8 minutes to get through security and get my passport stamped; that’s it.





I had the express joy and privilege to ride in United’s oldest 747.  It still has the old paint scheme, and it’s one of two United 747’s from 1990.  It’s barely older than I am.  It was greeeeeat…..

Flying out at 4:30, we quickly got above all the crappy air and headed east.  The sun set with us and rose in the morning, so it mimicked your sleeping pattern, which really helped me not experience much jetlag.

The food sucked though.


I had a seat on the wing so I could look out across the wing- I really wish the sunset had been perpendicular to the plane, but I can’t really complain.


Breakfast sucked.


Breakfast was served when we were an hour out, and we had such good tailwinds that we arrived 45 minutes early.

Arriving in SF:


We landed, taxied, and disembarked.

Just because I like complaining and it needs to be said, immigration and customs in SF SUCK.  Systems abroad are 500 times more efficient and faster.  If SFO is supposed to be one of the better airports in the US, I don’t even want to know what other airports are like.  Immigration was fairly quick because there are a number of immigration officials, but there are many bottlenecks built into the system.  For example you have a dude checking your customs declaration card, which the immigration official just stamped for you, then you have ANOTHER person check your card when you leave baggage claim (and it’s a single person), and then you have to drop your bags again if you have a checked bag (waste of time) and then you have to re-enter domestic security where the TSA agents molest you.  😡

I made it to my gate and hopped on my plane and left for Fresno, a flight that lasts a whole 37 minutes.  I loved the “puddle jumper” too… 😀  :rollseyes:  I don’t mean to sound like I was annoyed, but I was definitely annoyed.  In comparison to Korea, they actually have their act together whereas in the US airport travel is a joke.  A very unfunny joke.  Plus I was cranky from the plane ride so… Give me a break 😛

The best part of the flight?  The pilot comes on the intercom and tells us how high we would be flying and how long it would take.  He moves on to the weather report and tells us, and I quote, “The weather in Fresno?  Well, it’s hot.  Really hot.”


I landed, grabbed my bag plane-side, walked out the door to…


Awwww 🙂

After eating airplane food and it was 2pm by this time, my sister and parents kindly took me to….


This was literally the happiest I’ve been in, well, forever!  Just kidding- I was pretty happy though.


I walked outside, got in my car, and smiled because honestly, I miss the US.  I miss Korea too even when I’m visiting here, because I feel like I have integrated myself there as well.  The US is still my home, and all of my people are here, and that’s what matters to me at the end of the day; and that’s what makes what little time I have left to visit that much more special.


Stay tuned for more!


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