Soju and Charcoal

Do you want to know something interesting?

A few days ago I went to dinner with some coworkers and nearly got sprayed by what’s called a fogging truck.  They look like this.


They carry pesticides to kill mosquitos and kids love chasing the trucks because they “smell nice.”  They also are spraying poison but whoooo caaaaaares.  These guys literally roll through and fog neighborhoods.  What’s in them?  DDT and kerosene.

Anyway, we ate at our usual spot and had BBQ.  Some dude at the table next to us got a hot piece of charcoal dropped on him and he stood up and glared at the coals guy, that was awkward.

Marty’s wife is going back to the states after their trip to China so this was the last time she would see anybody, so we went out for dinner.


Terrible selfie, I know.

The rolled up pieces are pork rib and are really good, depending on the place you go.  They’re marinated and come out as one big piece that you cut up after cooking.

That’s all I really have to say about the experience, other than soju and Cass don’t mix.  I officially hate this stuff:


After one shot of it I decided never again.  It’s worse than sake, and sake is much more bearable.

Tomorrow I fly back to the states for a week, so stay tuned for my US adventures!


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