Random Observances Over the Past Two Weeks


A few of my coworkers and I took one of our retiring coworkers out to dinner.  He’s been with Jacobs for 29 years, and has spent the last 20 years overseas.  He will be missed, but he has a busy golf schedule planned.


Gifts from Amazon

Jokes on you Amazon- cast iron with free shipping to Korea?  HAH!  I also got soup bowls.


Electricity is Expensive

I got my electric bill today.  Almost two months of electricity has cost me…. $28.


Goodbye Luncheon

Jim had an official goodbye lunch.  One of the Corps guys is from Louisiana and he cooked up a ton of really, really good food.


Always know your limits

I’m not sure why I’m posting this, but oh well.  I went out with one of my coworkers last week because he wanted someone to talk to.  I suspect that he had drank some at home before we walked to a bar here in town, but I didn’t say anything.  I ended up getting him a taxi later… We did see one of our other coworkers there though.  He works in another office near ours and he’s the deputy of our operation.  It was good talking to him and getting an idea of where the business is headed over the next 18-24 months or so.


Also: This is the only place that my coworkers say is safe.  It’s also the only bar I’ve been into here in town.  I guess all the other ones are “juicy bars” which are basically just thinly veiled prostitution rings.  Here however it’s just a bunch of dudes.  It’s actually a pretty fun place to hang out and play darts or shoot pool without being bothered.


I baked cookies.


Shellfish Soup

I went to one of those places where you sit on the floor, also called traditional Korean seating, and got some shellfish soup with Kevin.


The end.


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