The Backbone of Korea- EMart

I forgot that I hadn’t posted about my visit to Emart yet- well, let me share….

EMart is an amazing place.  People compare it to WalMart, and that’s not really a fair comparison.  See, EMart ran WalMart out of town a few years ago.  WalMart simply couldn’t survive here.  That is the only comparison you can make between the two places, well that and the fact that they both have Mart in their names.  In order to preserve the name of EMart, I’ll go ahead and stop mentioning WalMart as of right….now.

EMart is a giant multistory store where you can buy fresh groceries, furniture, electronics, or clothes.  The one we went to has the entire first floor as a grocery store and the second floor as a clothing, furniture, and electronics section.  The coolest part is that you get your shopping cart up to the second floor via an escalator with magnets.  The magnets hook onto your cart and you glide up.  Ingenious.

Their food section is fairly large with a variety of items to choose from.  Fresh meat, fish, and vegetables are there, as well as canned goods, noodles, dried foods, etc.  The section that it’s missing is the frozen foods section, but then again I haven’t seen very many korean frozen foods.  That’s a good thing.

You can buy freshly made food as well either from the food court or from small stands located throughout the store that have people just making food and handing it out.  So awesome!


EMart is awesome!


4 thoughts on “The Backbone of Korea- EMart

    • Nope! Well I may learn how to use my appliances like my washing machine, and I know how to say hello, goodbye, and thank you, but languages are not my forte. I’d rather point to something than try and say it and accidentally offend someone.

  1. Also, the mag hold carts are INGENIOUS. They don’t move until the cart reaches the end of the escalator! Well it’s not an escalator, it’s one of those rolling floor things that you can find in Vegas/airports. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. Tooooo cool!

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