My Attempt at Making Pho – Do Not Try at Home

Where do I even begin………

I’ve been having some serious pho cravings over the past two weeks so I finally buckled down and decided that it was time to make some pho at home.  Rule number 1: don’t make pho at home if you aren’t over the age of 40 and a vietnamese female.  It just won’t work.

The basic ingredients of pho are some spices, beef bone, brisket, and time.

I won’t really go into detail on how to cook it because mine turned out pretty horrible.  You can google it pretty easily if you’re interested, you’ll have a lot more accurate information if you do that.  Don’t take any advice from me.

Parboil the bones for 10 minutes to get rid of impurities.









Transfer the bones sans the dirty water into a new pot.  My problem was that I used too much water.  Don’t do that.


After awhile (an hour or so) of just boiling the bones, add in your onion, ginger root, that other root thing, your spice bags, and your brisket.  Your spices should be this stuff:


I don’t recommend buying your spices like this.  Either buy the premade pho spice bags or buy the spices in their fresh native form.  You’ll thank me later.

Don’t forget your fish sauce.


After another hour take out your onion and roots and your brisket.  Dunk your brisket in cold water for 10 minutes so it doesn’t dry out, then refrigerate.  Boil your bones for another 3 hours.

Soon, your broth will look better than this.  As time goes on skim off any oil that comes up.  This is kind of hard to do, so if you have time refrigerate your broth overnight after you have cooked it and skim of the oil then.  It’s a lot easier.


Arrange your bowls.  This is just pathetic so don’t do what I did…do it the real vietnamese way.  I don’t have a lot of the condiments so I didn’t use them… Oh well.


And now you have your finished product.  As I said, hopefully yours will turn out better, but if you retain anything from this post, retain this: Don’t make pho at home, go to an actual vietnamese restaurant.  You will thank me later.



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