Chinese Food- Brought to You by Korea

I decided to venture out on a limb and try chinese food here.  Let me start off by saying in the states you can find some pretty good chinese food.  Unless you are in an asian oriented area, however, your chinese food will probably be made by a race other than chinese.  So I knew off the bat that this was going to be chinese made by Koreans, which is fine with me.  Sort of.


First off after you order they bring you your side dishes.  Yes, side dishes for chinese food.  This is usually a korean food tradition, but it has not escaped the grasp of this restaurant.  Yes, that is kimchi.



On to the main course!  I got sweet and sour pork with beef fried rice.  That is considered a staple food item in the US.  It was also the cheapest item on the menu at an eye watering 14,000W, which for those of you who are math geniuses is a little less than $14.  For chinese food.  Yeah because of that I’m probably not going back.


The fried rice was actually really good, and had a lot of different veggies in it as well as the beef.  I liked it.  It was a nice departure from fried rice that only has peas in it- I’m sorry but that’s not fried rice, that’s pea rice.  Shame.  Anyway I liked this fried rice.

The pork is similar to the last time I had sweet and sour meat in Korea.  The sauce is much sweeter than typical chinese food which has more of a tang to it.  I would say that this sweet and sour pork was too chewy, but that’s being picky.  Overall, it was a decent meal albeit overpriced.

More importantly, I’m letting my inner chef go wild at home!



As a side note since I don’t know where else to put it, I experienced the dining hall on base on Thursday.  On every third Thursday of the month, the dining hall is open for lunch for non-enlisted personnel and they make BBQ.  Otherwise, dining halls are enlisted personnel ONLY.  When I asked why, my coworker said it’s because they don’t like us.  Taking that with a grain of salt, this was the best bbq I’ve had for $4.75, but then again I’ve never had any BBQ for that cheap in my life so… Take that how it is.  The most important part of the meal was the sweet tea.  It reminds me of my Louisiana roots!


I must say that I haven’t been in a cafeteria in over a decade.  It sounds weird for me to use the word decade as a measurement of time, but it’s true!  It’s been a very long time.  Speaking of time, I don’t think anyone here knows my real age… Every time someone asks I say that I’m 28.  The worst part is they believe me.  (I’m 24)  Maybe I’ll start saying I’m 30.  It’s gotten so bad that I was talking to someone about my age the other day and I really had to think of how old I really was- I still said I was 28.


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