A New Definition of “Personal Work Vehicle”

Here in Korea I work at a very large construction site.  Our contractor allows the workers to use their construction equipment as personal vehicles.  So you have dump trucks, concrete trucks, cranes, forklifts, and concrete pumps being parked outside of apartment complexes all over town.  Oh, you want lunch?  Take the crane!

By far the wildest one I’ve seen was yesterday…


He was hungry so he went for lunch.  Seriously.

On another note, these are the types of vehicles being brought home by the construction workers.  They also don’t abide by any rules of the road.  I think the main reason is because they get paid per load, not by the hour.  So as I was waiting, a dump truck passed me on the left and tried to squeeze in a gap around the other dump truck passing the other stopped truck.  What a disaster.



Also, as I’ve mentioned before one way streets are not really one way streets.  They are still two way streets.  What a nightmare to navigate.



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