Drumroll Please… I Moved Into My Apartment!!

Great news!

I have officially moved into my apartment as of yesterday!  I’m glad I’m out of a hotel and into my own place.  Living out of a bag (two large bags at that) was becoming a major drag.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was able to successfully negotiate a decent price for my apartment.  It’s a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment that I snagged for $750/month including internet and water.  Score!

I live on the third floor of a three story building.  It’s what’s considered a walk-up, so I have to walk up two flights of stairs to get to my apartment.  This can be a drag when I have to carry a lot of things, but it is no problem normally.  The stairs are a safety hazard, however, since they are polished marble and they seem to have no traction- especially when it rains.

First things first, The stairwell outside of my apartment is well lit and has natural ventilation when good weather is at hand.



And now, you’re at my door.  Most places have doors like this… No keys necessary!  Everything is masscode related.  Neat!



On Thursday I met the realtor at 4:30PM and handed over the apartment.  I was shown how to use all of the appliances and then Marty and I (poor guy has been driving me around for the past week) drove on base to what’s called the PX.  The PX is short for Post Exchange, it’s a tax free area where you can buy American goods.  We bought groceries and a few household goods, such as bedsheets, etc. and then headed back to my apartment!  We unloaded the car and then Marty had to take off.  I don’t blame him, it’s a lot of work to move someone.




Now it’s time for dinner, using the new pots and pans I just bought!



Living Room:



Air conditioner-


Shoe cabinet-






All my appliances are in Korean… Any help is appreciated.


If anyone speaks Korean and wants to translate… Feel free!  Lol.

And that’s my apartment!  Tomorrow it’s to Seoul!


7 thoughts on “Drumroll Please… I Moved Into My Apartment!!

  1. Haaa! I am a translator, but i swear—- i stumble when it comes to korean appliances. I just look at them and instantly start sweating. I think it’s because appliances, korean or english, are intimidating. Didn’t learn how to use a washer until i was 21 😦

    • No! I would never move to Gangnam. I was in Seoul for other reasons and we stopped by Gangnam because that’s where my coworker grew up. Gangnam is far too expensive for me, street food is like 20,000W which is just insane. I paid 5,000W for lunch today- that’s more like it.

  2. You could use google translate (the smartphone camera based one, not the web based one… In case you couldn’t figure out what I was talking about).

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