Day 1 in Korea- and we’re off!


I figured that I would sleep in late so I told Marty and Kevin we should do brunch instead of breakfast, and to meet at 10AM.  I ended up waking up at the bugle call at 6:30 in the morning.  Doh!


Just off to the side of the hotel you can see the tower for the runway they have on base.


I took my time catching up on emails and facebook and getting ready and then took the elevator downstairs to the lobby.  They have the funniest signs here… I always have a laugh.


I got to take a first glance around my hotel while I waited for Marty to arrive.  It’s a super narrow street but what you find is there is no such thing as “one way street.”  You can go both ways.  However if another car comes down the street in the opposite direction, well, it’s super tight.


Marty arrived and Kevin and I jumped in his car to go into downtown Pyeongtaek, to a buffet that Marty has been to before.  Marty pronounces buffet like “boofay.”  I think I’m going to use that pronunciation from now on.

I got my first look at how narrow and clustered everything is here.  I like how no space is wasted; if there’s room, someone will use it!  Driving around will take some getting used to, and while I view myself as a visual learner it will take some time to start recognizing landmarks.  Everything looks the same to me at this point.  Most of the buildings are cold-war era architecture, so I can’t really tell the difference.  I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll make it around just fine.

It didn’t help that Marty couldn’t remember what street the “boofay” was on, so it took us 45 minutes to finally find it.  It was a great chance to see my surroundings, but a terrible way to familiarize myself with the area.  I definitely appreciated the long drive though, because I enjoy looking around and seeing what everything looks like.  Plus, there is never a lack of good conversation with these two.


We parked and walked down a narrow street to get to the restaurant.  Low and behold, he brought us to an “American” restaurant!  It was hilarious to see their interpretation of “American” food- I don’t necessarily agree that pizza, pasta, orange chicken, sweet and sour pork, and fried rice is considered American.


It was actually pretty darn good though.  I’ll come back for sure.  Plus, they have $3 unlimited wine- we didn’t partake, but definitely something to keep in the back of my mind.

We left and drove around a bit more trying to get back to the base and that took another hour or more because we missed a turn.  Oh well, it was a great way to see the surrounding scenery.  I’ll get into traffic laws in a later post, but let’s just say they are “interesting.”


Along the way we stopped at what Marty thought was a temple, but it was really a school according to Kevin.  Kevin is from Korea, so we had a translator.  I think Kevin and I are going to become good friends as time goes on… 😀

This school was instituted in the 15th century.


We made our way back into Anjeong-ri to Camp Humphreys.  I can’t take or post pictures from the base for several reasons.  However, I’ll make sure to post a description of some of the stuff they have on base later once I have time to explore a bit more.

I made my way back to the hotel and Facetimed with my girlfriend.


I accidentally fell asleep once we finished talking and woke up at 9PM, then went back to sleep and woke up at 3:30AM.  I was hoping I had beaten jetlag by staying up on the plane and on the first day I got here, but alas, it looks like it has come back to bite me.  -__-


One thought on “Day 1 in Korea- and we’re off!

  1. Great Warren! Very, interesting and entertaning. Amazing you have a lot to learn. But you’ll have no trouble. So glad you have a friend!!

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